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The mission of private pretrial services programs in Virginia is to provide support to offenders by providing supervision and services as ordered by a judicial officer or services selected by the pretrial defendants that will promote public safety and correct behavior during the Pre-trial period.



Pretrial Compliance Reports LLC

GPS Bracelet    

Pretrial Compliance Reports offers the very latest technology in Electronic Monitoring utilizing Reli-Alert GPS devices.  Jurisdictions that utilize Scram Bracelets for alcohol management want to understand the breakthrough in the next generation technology. BackTrac alcohol monitoring devices will revolutionize the Alcohol Monitoring protocol. These devices actualy fit in your pocket and take a live video of the test. We meet the demands of Court ordered pretrial with our Breakthrough Relt-Alert GPS Bracelet that allows 24 hour voice communication. Perfect for enhanced sex offender monitoring.                        

GPS Monitoring Bracelets




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Pretrial programs 

When you or a loved one gets charged with a crime, arrested and brought before a Magistrate or a Judge, a decision will be made regarding your release from custody. You could be released on a secured or unsecured bond or on your own personal recognizance. In either event, you will enter into what is referred to as the "Pretrial Period". During this time,  you have the opportunity to demonstrate to the court, your family and your accusers that you:

  • Maintained peace and good behavior 
  • Sought or maintained employment
  • Abstained from excessive use of alcohol
  • Used no illegal substances or illegal drugs
  • Completed classes or programs
  • Participated in rehabilitation programs
  • Complied with any other court ordered conditions.

Pretrial Compliance Reports allows you to appear in court with a detailed, documented report outlining the steps you took prior to your trial to improve yourself and to comply with the conditions of your release. Your report will contain certificates or documentation from any classes or counseling you participated in.

The report also includes letters of reference from employers, family members, pastors and mentors as well as award certificates for everything you have achieved.       


Pretrial Compliance Reports is committed to serving defendants, their families, the courts and the community by providing the monitoring, guidance and educational resources that help clients facing trial to make better decisions and experience a better day in court.

With over 2.4 million prisoners incarcerated in the United States (26.6% of the prisoners in the world), Pretrial Compliance Reports is committed to diverting as many "would be prisoners" out of the judicial system and into "productive citizen" status.

The pretrial period is a critical time for the defendant because it offers the best opportunity to improve decision-making and modify behavior through monitoring, charge related education, mentoring and reporting.